Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First day of the delegation

Wilco speaking to the HOV delegation about the work of "Radio Libre Negro Primero"

Hi all, The official delegation has started today but it has already been a packed and revolutionary schedule for the previous few days as you have seen in reports by the previous logs! We have been through some weird and wonderful adventures,experiences and downright crazy situations but instead of taking all the space up in the blog we can tell you the details down the pub in London when we are back!

This morning we met up with the American delegation and we headed to the alternative media coop Cotrain that has produced amongst others Llaguno Bridge Keys Of a Massacre. In there Lillian,the head of the project, explained the origins of Cotrain with it starting in the 70´s working with the people of the barrios. Lillian studied as a sociologist but through this she soon discovered that we through being one she would be patching up the capitalist system that creates so much inequality but what we should do is go to the root of the problem. Then we watched Llaguno Bridge Keys To A Massacre and we bought some DVD´s which will be useful to spread the message back in London.

Lliam explaining the importance of working with the communities

Then we took a bus a we went to the North of Caracas, to the Parroquia La Candelaria.

We visited the independent radio station "Radio Libre Negro Primero". In there we watched a short film explaining the way in which the radio works hand in hand with the community.

The co-ordinator of the radio gave us a short talk telling us about all the activities that the radio is involved. It is not only a radio, they organise activities for the children, adults, health programs, social work, and all that is decided and planned in a democratic way.

They told us how important the elections are going to be. They have links with other alternative media to have a coverage of Caracas and also nationally to report the electoral process and they want HOV to be involved with this important event. Of course we accepted the invitation and we will help as much as we can.
We have been trying to put some photos to give you a flavour of the atmosphere, but haven't manage to do so! We are in an internet cafe, we are running out of time, plus in one hour we have to rush out to be interviewed live on television in a programme of "Venezuela de Television"... so we will be on the tele at 11 o´clock, Venezuelan time.

PS. 5 minutes left, we will give the pictures another go to !

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Anonymous said...

Fred Bergen and Mario López practice a updated type of mental masturbation now named "anti-orgasmic Chavism without Chávez". We'll never know if they do this for free or if they get paid by Mr Bush. In any case, being beside Bandera Roja and Sumate at the same time must be very enjoyable for them.

Anyways, keep "rayando yuca virtual" and doing nothing for the class you are supposedly defending.