Tuesday, November 28, 2006

HOV delegation mentioned on VHeadline

"Hands Off Venezuela" internationalists to observe electoral process till December 7: Members of the International "Hands of Venezuela" group are in Venezuela to observe presidential elections. British member, Alan Woods has already given several talks in Merida and Caracas as part of the organization's attempt to set up a section of the Hands Off Venezuela. Woods has written extensively about the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution and has been instrumental in getting the work of " Hands off Venezuela" known in Europe. The group will remain in Venezuela until December 7.
Also Dan (HOV Norwich) points out to the BBC News photoblog of the Venezuelan election:
In light of the usual torrent of hysterical nonsense from the mainstream media outlets regarding Venezuela, in particular Phil Gunson's latest assault, I was wondering if anyone had checked out the photo diary on Venezuela on BBC's main news page? It is genuinely good - honest, enlightening and it actually gives the perspective of ordinary Venezuelans.
Plus it's on the main page. A welcome change

Liam (HOV East London) has added to his blog a video with a news clip from Al Jazeera talking about the arming of the people in Venezuela.

Aporrea has published a picture gallery and a video of what they call the "red tsunami", the massive rally of the closing of the Chavez campaign on Sunday. Particularly impressive is this pic where you can see the three parallel avenues (Mexico-Universidad, Bolivar and Lecuna) complete full of people (click on the pic for a bigger size version)

Finally, Higher Education Minister Samuel Moncada, revealed press cuttings from the day of the coup in which opposition candidate Manuel Rosales enthusiastically endorses the coup (he now claims he did not know what he was doing, he was confused and he only signed an attendance list). A full size version of the press cutting with a nice pic of Rosales sorrounded by generals can be seen here.

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Amazing picture of the demo. Also the press cutting is fascinating (and shocking).