Sunday, December 3, 2006

Caracas, 5:58 am

The horns, music, fireworks, and even motorcycle caravans blasting the trumpet call to arms have continued intermittently for the past 3 hours. Polling booths open soon, we're heading out to report on them and will update the blog throughout the day as often as possible. We have a broad network of community media and political organizations working on exchanging information in order to get it out to the broadest national ad international audience possible. We should have a flood of information on this blog within a few hours!

Until soon!

John P.


Anonymous said...

From the Execuive Committee of 1/888 Branch, T&G , UK, solidarity with Comrades on your election day.

Your struggle for the re-election of Comrade President Hugo Chavez is the struggle of all workers allover the world. Ours is a small Road Transport Branch, but together with billions of workers from allover the world we are with the Bolivarian Revolution for a Socialist Workers Venezuela, a Socialist Workers South america and a Socialist World.

This day could be one of the most important day's in the history of the world, when neo conservatism and the USA Capitalist Oligarchy suffer a definitive defeat and the working class define our own destiny.

Rchael Webb

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates directly from Venezuela for those of us who can't be there to see for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

From Aragua State,
It is 12:25pm, and after a drive around Maracay, Cagua and Turmero I can say that all election center are working under normal conditions. Already a high number of people has assisted to vote. Today in Aragua, as well as all Venezuela, is a great day, full of happiness. Today the Venezuela Revolution and its people will show the world how strong we are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work, keep it up! Today we had a public presentation of the documentary "Venezuela Bolivariana" here in Helsinki.


ian said...

This is a superb blog. I have been looking for regular updates to the historical events being written by the Venezuelan proletariat.
Keep up the good work.