Sunday, December 3, 2006

[VIDEO, AUDIO and PICS] Early Afternoon in Caracas

I would have posted this earlier, but me and 3 others from the delegation have been out in the pouring rain about 20 yards from Chavez' victory speech!

Video of that to come soon.

Here's one hastily put together of footage taken earlier this afternoon.

I'll write a few lines tomorrow on the elections, but I think the main mood is relief that it has all come off so well, combined with continued vigilance and joyous celebration. More soon...

And here is some audio:

the Bolivarian wake up call at Bolivar Square:

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and here are some more that we are still trying to stream:

- [En Español] entrevista a Jose Antonio, activista revolucionario de Catia
- interview with Alf, an HOV activist from Sweden in Caracas
- [En Español] entrevista con Maria de los Ángeles, activista de Manos Fuera de Venezuela

Listen also to the report from the Venezuela Solidarity delegation from Australia:

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We have had to upload some of the pics on the Hands Off Venezuela site because of technical problems with blogger

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