Saturday, December 2, 2006

day 5 of the delegation!

Hi all, today we "didn't do much".

By this we mean that we didn't do any particular visit, we dicided to cancel a couple of things to finish some of the jobs that we have left half done and plan for tomorrow, the big day.

Some of us, Espe and John got interviewed at Canal Sur on how the world sees Venezuela. We hope to get foottage of all this, but there's lots, so it will be difficult to collect it all, but we will try.

Tomorrow is Shaun's turn for Canal Sur and some of us will go to Vive tv, very early to participate in a open forum.

Anyway, the visit yesterday at Maracay was a very important thing for the delegation. We have been talking about it all day. All day, we have been working on a short documentary about it, that it will be on line soon. We have looked over over the footage and we are just amazed about the great speaches and the enthusiasm of the workers. It is a relly good example for the Venezuelan revolution and it I feel that it was a great privilege for us to be there. They have occupied the factory since November the 14th but the struggle goes further back. I haven't got the link handy, but it is worth it to read and support the struggle. They are the first factory that has started production without waiting for nationalization or any help. We did a collection for them and we raised 410.00 bolivars, but you will see the video soon! I better go so we can carry on working and finish it, so we can see it and we can also give it to all the media that we find in the next few days.

All the best!


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