Sunday, December 3, 2006

HOV in the mass media

The international HOV delegation has been busy since arriving in Venezuela. Reports have been sent detailing the coverage the HOV delegation has been given in the press, which you can find in the IMT site.

We have also received reports on a public HOV meeting which took place on Friday, December 1, in Caracas. Details of the meeting can be found also on the IMT site.

We can also see that the HOV campaign is having an impact around the world. There was a demonstration held in Karachi, Pakistan on December 1 in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution. A report of the event can be found here.

In Spain, members of Manos Fuera de Venezuela visited the consulate and handed over a list of signatures of trade unionists, as well as student and left-wing groups. The report can be found here in Spanish: here.

We also have a video of Ruben Linares, one of the leaders of the UNT, sending his greetings to Hands off Venezuela, ahead of a big celebration meeting scheduled in Belgium. The video, in Spanish, can be found here..

Things are moving fast on the ground. We have heard of more stories of the opposition trying to claim that there has been fraud in the elections. We will continue to update the blog throughout the night and the following day.

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joshHOV said...

The opposition wastes no time! The corporate media has already begun the call of fraud in a round about way. Forbes Magazine just released a report online that Telemundo, the latino TV station in the US, was asked by Venezuelan government officials to stop transmitting election coverage from a Hotel in Caracas. The article seems to insinuate that Chavistas in the communication ministry were trying to block coverage. Comrades the counter-revolution is desperate and desperation leads to a dangerous atmosphere. We must do everything we can to protect the revolution and save the future for the people of the world. Kudos to the HOV delegation they are on the front lines of this fight. Forward to the socialist revolution

HOV Providence RI