Sunday, December 3, 2006

Late Morning in Caracas

As we walk the streets of downtown Caracas, there are huge lines everywhere - by all accounts, participation is high. People have been lining up since 2:30 am in some areas. People from all walks of life are in line to vote - abstention is likely to be low. The streets are largely abandoned, little traffic is circulating, and the soldiers from the National Guard are posted at strategic locations. They seem relaxed but vigilant.

After an early morning interview on ViveTV, we made our way back to plaza Venezuela, passing the famous Llaguno Bridge on the way. There is now a sculpture there to commemorate the victims of April 11, 2002.

While waiting we did some interviews which should be online soon. We also made a recording of the trumpet calls to action that were heard since 3 am. The one we recorded was at Plaza Bolivar.

John Peterson from the U.S. was interviewed live on two important community radion stations, Radio Libre Negro Primero and Radio Libre Ezequiel Zamora.

We're off to visit the barrios now, we'll be reporting back soon...

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Anonymous said...

It is 17:30 hrs, I have been talking to many friends in more than 10 states along the country, and heating the road around Aragua state, and there is a general comment, the amount of people assisting to the different voting centers is enormous, people is much concern about the country's future, and above all everybody is assiting calm and peaceful, celebrating the great democracy party. Tibisay Lucena, CNE's main head, just talk to the media and said that already several centers closed their doors, because there is not more people in the line, and many other centers are still open.
Will report my impressions later, must go out...and hit the road, looking for people and take them to vote.