Tuesday, December 19, 2006

[PICS] Photo Gallery (Sanitarios Maracay)

Dear all,
Click on the pic below for a link to a photo gallery about the visit of the HOV delegation to Sanitarios Maracay on the 1st of December. Enjoy!

More photo galleries coming soon.

All the best!

Espe Espigares (unfortunately, back in London now!)


Anonymous said...

this is the most stupid thing i´ve ever seen! i cant believe that are still people who actually think tha socialism is the way to go this days. you better understand that our world is capitalist, ruled by money and there is nothing you can do about it. stop dreaming and start working, you dreamers, complaining idiots! i hate all of you: i hate hugo chavez, i hate andres manuel lopez obrador, i hate lenin, I HATE MARX!
atte. a proud borgoise

Anonymous said...

get used to it there are plenty of those in Venezuela, in Latin America and spreading throughout the world :-)

we are your worst nightmare, and you are not dreaming