Sunday, December 3, 2006

election day for HOV delegation

Today was the day that the delegation was building and waiting for. We got up very early in the morning because we had an interview in Vive TV (that went very well!) but we hardly sleep at all. At 3 in the morning the "cornets" start giving out the wake up call all around Caracas calling people to vote. After ViveTV we run to get into the mini bus that we had hired and we started the tour to the polling stations.

We had as a base "Radio Libre Negro Primero". There we meet with a team that was organising and participating in the report of the elections and they took us to several neighbourhoods. We started visiting Sarria, a extremely Chavista neighbourhood. The welcome was impressive. As soon as we arrived people started Chanting "Uh, ah, Chavez no se va", "son diez millones!". We got a few interviews to record the mood (coming soon on line!) and we set off for our next visit. We went to Las Palmas, Av. Andres Bello and Av. Mexico. These areas where either half and half or with a majority for the opposition. You could see the difference miles away. We interviewed some people, but we didn't get much. So different from the supporters of the revolution... you can't stop them talking, they have always so many things to say... about Chavez, about the revolution, about how their lives have changed, about the need to advance towards socialism, about the local school, about how much they hate Rosales...

After that, a few of us went back to the hotel to start working on the footage and others went to the tour the "23 de Enero", a 110% Chavista neighbourhood. The atmosphere here was excellent. We were welcomed, they offer us food and drink and we celebrated together the imminent victory of Chavez.

We ended the day at Miraflores, in a huge party, listening to the speach of the president. Hopefully we will have a clip soon because the ones that stayed at the hotel recorded the tele. Just to give you a taste, he said that 60% of Venezuela had voted for Socialism, that now we had to build socialism of the 21st centuary and that nobody should be scared of socialism!

It was a great day, the atmosfear in Caracas is jubilous, a great party. Fire works, music in the streets, committis of cars and bikes bipping hors... it is really amazing. We hope that it won´t be any trouble but people are also vigilant. The people that stayed at the hotel to work on the video wanted to meet the other delegates at Miraflores but we turned back because we were scared. People told us "not to go out, go back home, today Venezuela has got a new presiden, Rosales" and stuff like that. May be we were over cautious, but it looked scary, plus it was pooring rain, so we chickened out and went back to the hotel!

As I said, a great day with thousand of anecdotes and experiences to talk about.

Soon you will have som more with pictures and video!

All the best!

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