Saturday, December 2, 2006

Towards the 10 Million Votes - A First Report

It's just after 3 am in Caracas. Moments ago, the "get out the vote" festivities began in the militant 23 de Enero barrio and spread to the rest of chavista Caracas. Fireworks can be heard everywhere, along with the baying of all the neighborhood dogs. Cars honking their horns and fitted with loudspeakers speed by, blaring the military trumpet call to reveille, the call to wake up, the call to arms that typifies the chavista mobilization to vote. Campaign speeches of Chavez, declaring "for unity towards the 10 million votes" can be heard as well. You can also hear the comandante singing "Oligarchs Tremble" and others are playing "Bella Ciao". It's going to be a long and exciting day!

PS - Last night, we were in effect refused service at a fairly nice cafe in a mixed area of Caracas. The waiters glared at us with hostility and simply didn't attend to us. We ended up getting up, ordering directly from the deli counter, and leaving. Due to the broad media coverage, we have been approached on the streets by many people congratulating us. It seems the other side has been watching as well. Here's the page of Ultimas Noticias in which Espe and Shaun from the UK, and myself were interviewed - the most widely read paper in Venezuela! [we'll translate it and get a transcript soon]

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Steve Brown said...

It can not be stated enough that the future of the world revolution could turn on todays axis. The re-envigoration of the Venezuelan masses, the re-affemation of the gains of the revolution up to this point will show itself once more. Forward, always forward! Never still! The threat of reversal comes from inetia, so the revolution must move forward, the reaction must be defeated! Remove the means for the reaction to plot and destroy the gains. Nationalise the commanding hieghts of the economy! Take the stolen wealth from them and build a truly democratic Venezuela, a Socialist Venezuela. If ever a country was rotten ripe for this change then Venezuela is! Not only Venezuela but the entire continent of Southern and Latin America. Today the Venezuelan Workers and Peasants will win, but this will not be enough. On to the socialist revolution! The workers and peasants of your continent will support you, which in turn will inspire the workers and peasants of the world. After all "You have nothing to loose but your chains!".

Steve Brown. Socialist Appeal supporter. UK.