Sunday, December 3, 2006

Chavez wins! “Forward to socialism!

Well the final tallies are still not in, but it is clear that Chavez is the winner. Some of the delegation is in the pouring rain right now watching the victory speech of Chavez, other have returned to report or to get other work done, or simply to rest after an incredibly busy week.

the opposition today made no attempt to disrupt the election, but as has been reported they have made plans to assault the people once more, possibly in the coming days (the 5th perhaps).

The most advanced layers of the Venezuelan workers, students and poor are prepared to change society. The opposition is very weak but still holds great power over society.

As Chavez said “we will have a socialist economy” in his speech tonight, this task of creating the basis of socialism must begin immediately. the factories, the land and the mass means of communication must be made for all, not as a means of profit for a few, and a few intollerant to even observing the most basic democracy. what good is the preservation of the rights of people who respect nothing but their own right to rule and exploit?

The power and spirit of the people of Venezuela is at a burning high, this mood is in harmony with the pressing tasks at hand. The huge margin of victory for Chavez is a confirmation to proceed.

At every mention of the word “socialism” said by Chavez in his victory speech it was met with a tremendous roar of enthusiasm. This is not simply a light minded gesture on part of the people, rather the impulse to be taken. The economic levers of society need to be in the hands of the people not the capitalists, bankers and landlords.

The workers collectively have made the vast wealth of the country, if this wealth is not taken from the capitalist oligarchy this wealth will only be used as a weapon against the very same working class and poor in tragic proportion. Nationalization is not undemocratic, just the opposite it is very democratic, and in fact it is the only way to preserve democracy, with out these measures being carried out the threat of counter revolution will be ever present, waiting to pounce.

The people, the workers and poor, are the truest and most honest people, the voted for Chavez seeking modest changes, but to get these modest changes found they must in fact move the earth to win. It would be premature to say the revolution is headed for defeat at this point, quite the contrary the spirit to go forward is red hot right now, “rojo rojito!” this mood must not langish in vain, a abandoned factory can be reconditioned but a wasted revolutionary moment is lost forever. The people of Venezuela are worth ever "infringment" of the "rights" of the oligarchs and capitalists.

The great people are ready, they have voted their will, now they must carry it out. democracy is not just words on paper but the actualy living relationships of people and the means to create and develop society. The poeple know this and embody this in the life of their struggle. This delegation visit has shown this in the most face to face ways.

The brave revolutionaries in the barrios like “San Augustine” or “the 23 of January” have know far too many martyrs already, not another drop of blood from the workers need be shed in vain, victory, real and lasting victory is in sight: the time to advance is now!

In solidarity

Shane Jones from “rojo rojito” Caracas!

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