Thursday, December 7, 2006

HOV delegation in discussion on socialist economy

The international Hands Off Venezuela Delegation to Venezuela that spanned from November 28th to December 5th has officially ended. But, for those staying behind, the work continues of course!

Our media blitz here has been extensive. From a full-page article in one of the main Caracas newspapers “Ultimas Noticias” to interviews and guest appearances broadcast on Venezuela TV, Catia TV, Vive TV and National Assembly TV which aired from within the heart of the Venezuelan Parliament.

After our first appearance on a current affairs show on Vive, we were asked back to speak as part of a discussion group on the program ‘Y eso con que se come?’. Recorded just two days after Chavez said “61% of people didn’t vote for me, they voted for socialism” in his victory re-election speech, the show was on the subject of the economy – but not just the general economy – the socialist economy. The host asked Espe Espigares about what she thought about all of the social changes taking place in Venezuela and who she thought was benefiting. She responded by saying how important the misiones are, but that she thought a lot more still needed to be done. She pointed out that Chavez has now clearly called for socialism of the 21st Century but that socialism is not about handing out a few crumbs to the people. Its about taking over the commanding heights of the economy. She quoted Chavez who had just two nights before said, “There is nothing to fear about socialism.” to a sea of thousands of cheering Bolivarian all dressed in red.

The host then asked John Peterson from the US delegation what his opinion was about the subject of workers control. He responded by pointing out that it was about nationalization with democratic workers control because workers aren´t interested in defending their work places and factories if they were owned by the boss whose interests are completely at odds with those of the workers. Campesinos won’t defend the land if it is owned by the big landowners and landlords. He used the example of Sanitarios Maracay, a factory occupied and run by the workers as a small scale illustration of how the economy should be run in a socialist state. Assemblies of workers, campesinos, popular and local assemblies organized nationally to run the

Our message of solidarity and support of the Bolivarian Revolution aired on radio as well with long interviews on National Radio and community stations like Radio Negro Primero. We were even stopped on the streets several times by well-wishers and people who had recognized us from the television. Two different people also said that Chavez said in a press conference that he had heard that there was a Hands Off Venezuela delegation here and would like to meet us.

So, our message was put out there loud and clear - we want Venezuelans who are making progressive change in their society to know that there is world-wide interest in events happening here and that there is an international will to guard and to learn from the process taking place in Venezuela and to take it back to Europe and North America!


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Anonymous said...

I congratulate Venezuela on it's path to social justice. Latin America has a history of being too long in control of foreign-sponsored fascist dictators who should have been imprisoned or disposed off a long time ago.

For once I have seen a Latin American government (Venezuela) that is concern for it's people and the future of it's people. To share it's energy resources with it's population instead of handing them over to the corrupted wealthy rich with ties to other foreign lands seeking to disrupt the economy and it's social justice, is a remarkable achievement on behalf of Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela.

But make no mistake about it. The struggle will continue and only the Venezuelans who cherish a social
justice will be able to make it work. The controlled right wing news media in the USA is determine to undermine everything Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan people have thus far achieved. As outside extreme right wing foreign intervention continue to support the abundance of fascists in Venezuela, the people must be educated as to who and where it is coming from.

Again, congratulations to Venezuela and it's people.