Tuesday, December 19, 2006

[VIDEO] Sanitarios Maracay demo

Here´s a new video from the HOV team in Caracas. They covered the demonstration of Sanitarios Maracay workers for nationalisation under workers control on December 14th (see reports by William Sanabria and Rob Sewell).

The delegation had visited Sanitarios before (see the video they produced), a couple of reports of the visit to Sanitarios Maracay by the delegation were published earlier in the blog, by Shane and Rob

for more information on the occupation of Sanitarios Maracay read a statement of the trade union leadership, their decision to form a factory committee, a report of the demo in Maracay, and a report of the mass workers meeting that elected the factory committee.

there is an international appeal for support for their struggle

Will and Mel in Caracas

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Anonymous said...

How do campaigners get hold of a downloadable screenable copy of these great videos? We are from undercurrents, and are launching a peer 2 peer tv station on the web (www.undercurrents.org/visionontv) for radical films. This station has a Latin American channel called "Adelante". What we need to get these films screened round the world is a good quality mpg4, or a DV tape, and we can encode it ourselves. Can anyone in HOV help with this?

In solidarity

Richard Hering (richarddirecttv@yahoo.co.uk)