Tuesday, December 5, 2006

[VIDEO] Sanitarios Maracay under workers' control

Hands Off Venezuela tours Sanitarios Maracay, a factory in Venezuela under workers control, to learn more about the revolutionary process taking place there, and to offer solidarity to the workers.

an impressive video which gives a taste of workers' democracy in action and how this is linked to the Bolivarian revolution:

a couple of reports of the visit to Sanitarios Maracay by the delegation were published earlier in the blog, by Shane and Rob

for more information on the occupation of Sanitarios Maracay read a statement of the trade union leadership, their decission to form a factory committee, a report of the demo in Maracay, and a report of the mass workers meeting that elected the factory committee.

there is an international appeal for support for their struggle


Comandante Gringo said...

Stand tough, Sanitarios Maracay workers: the bosses are weak and will blink first. So don't falter, even if support may be slow in growing. Other workers will thank you for your resolve, soon enuff.

marianaluna said...

"usted me perdona, don, yo no se filosofar, pero lo que sé me sobra, me basta para pensar..."
(Alí Primera)

Viva la revolución bolivariana!
Viva Chávez y el pueblo organizado y combativo, líderes indiscutibles de este proceso!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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video said...

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video said...

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