Sunday, December 3, 2006

Chavez is well ahead

Reports are now coming in from Venezuela and the international press showing that Chavez is well ahead in the election results. Reuters has said that he is on his way to a landslide victory.

With 78% of the votes counted Chavez is ahead with 61% of the vote while Rosales has 38%.

Reuters also reported that angry supporters of Rosales at his campaign headquarters were chanting "into the streets, into the strees", showing that the counter-revolutionary opposition may be up to something and planning to protest the results.

Teodoro Petkoff, a main figure in the opposition, has said that the voting was carried out in a "satisfactory" manner and the Organisation of American States has praised the "massive and peaceful" vote.

Despite the transparency, legitimacy, and peaceful elections the opposition may still attempt to declare fraud in an attempt to create instablity and chaos. As we approach the hour of the final results of the election, all revolutionaries, in Venezuela and around the world, must remain vigilant and prepared to mobilise to counter any manoeuvres of the opposition.

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